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MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Looking to launch your own venture or drive innovation within an organisation?

This one-year full-time programme designed to provide in-depth knowledge of the role of entrepreneurial activity inside and outside an organisation. Organisations exist and operate in an era of constant change and need to adapt and innovate continuously. This programme will equip business professionals with the skills and knowledge to identify and respond to market opportunities. You’ll learn to foster an ethos of innovation within teams embedding a culture of entrepreneurship to stimulate growth.

If you’re striving to affect change and maximise organisational success, this programme is for you.

The course is also available to study online both full-time (1 year) and part-time (2 years). Visit, MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship Online.

Optional Placement Year*
New from October 2022 – all Master’s courses will have an optional Placement Year to gain significant skills to enhance your employability.

Why study with us?

• 94% of postgraduate students in employment were in Highly Skilled Occupations 15 months after graduating (2018/19 Graduate Outcomes data). Contains HESA Data © HESA 2021 (www.hesa.ac.uk)
• Practical courses delivered by experienced teachers and specialists with industry expertise to boost your employability
• Focused learning - smaller class sizes mean friendly, personalised teaching, greater interaction and that your views will be heard
• Check out how we can support your fees through scholarships and bursaries.

11 Jan
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This exciting six-day intensive program is the gateway to your coach certification. You complete six courses and earn 44 coach specific training hours. This can be a stand-alone coach training experience for you or you can continue on to earn our 72-hour Certified Professional Coach or 128-hour Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach credentials. This course provides you with both a personal self-discovery process to increase your own self-awareness—a fundamental element of personal mastery, emotional intelligence and coaching presence—as well as specific knowledge, skills, confidence, and practice coaching with a straightforward, easy to use four step coaching model, combined with top coaching assessment tools. Ninety-seven percent of participants in this program have rated it "one of the best workshops I have ever taken." This six-day, hands-on, interactive, practical workshop will be fundamental to your professional, post-graduate coach training process as well as enhance your own personal development and coaching career success.